Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy 5-Year Anniversary, miniSynth!

Five years ago, we released the very first synthesizer for the App Store: miniSynth! To celebrate, we're having a HUGE 24-hour sale - each of our apps is over 50% off! Plus miniSynth 2, our updated version of the original miniSynth, is FREE!

We'd like to thank all our supporters over the past 5 years: from those who have been around since Day 1 (like Palm Sounds) to our newer friends (like Sunsine Audio). And a big thanks to all our users, whether you downloaded miniSynth 5 years ago or just discovered Magellan yesterday. We couldn't do it without all your support!

What's next? We have a great new music creation project we're working on. We hope to have it out this fall, and really believe you're going to love it!

You know you want to watch our original miniSynth 1.0 video from all the way back in 2008...


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