Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's New? (or How We Spent Our Summer Vacation)

Hi Everyone!

We've been working hard all summer long to bring you Magellan 3.0. And it's here! Right now! With inter-app audio! And iOS 7 compatibility! Exciting!

Here's a quick list of some of the new features:

• Inter-App Audio: use Magellan 3.0 as an instrument plugin with Inter-App Audio compatible hosts 
• Completely updated & tested for iOS 7! 

New, more powerful MIDI framework we designed from ground up, with features including: 
• Faster MIDI I/O handling 
• Inter-App Audio MIDI support 
• Keyboard splitting with settable split in channel, left/right out note ranges, learn & invert 
• Improved MIDI-UI interaction 
• Import/Export Magellan MIDI CC Maps 
• Individual MIDI Out channels for the synth engines 
• Individual MIDI In on/off toggles for the synth engines 

Many improvements and new features, including: 
• Master FX mix 
• Increased max polyphony to 10 per-engine for iPad 2 or newer 
• Envelope curve selection for VCA and FM envelopes 
• Extended octave range for Osc 3 with key tracking off 
• Direct one-touch access to either synth engine's control panels, arp or chordmaker 
• Continuously settable filters tracking 
• 59 new modulation outlets for the XY-pad and the modwheels 
• Presets now save BPM data 
• BPM Lock feature: specifies if you want BPM data to be loaded with a preset 
• Bounce whole sequences or individual patterns to audio via Song Library -> Export 
• Adjustable touch-velocity sensitivity 
• Preset & Bank renaming 
• A new free preset bank ("Boleskine") 
• Target-foreground-synth mode for the XY-pad 
• One-touch waveform selection 
• Continuously adjustable knob response: set to "Fine" to make precise adjustments to a knob-controlled parameter 
• Many other UI improvements 

Introducing In-App Purchasing (iOS 6 or later): 
• New professional preset packs available for purchase within Magellan's Store 
• Atlantic - 65 new presets from Yonac Inc. 
• The Explorer Series from Sunsine Audio - available as individual 64 preset packs or one bundle of 192 presets 

• Updates to latest Audiobus & Sonoma SDKs 
• Many other improvements

Pretty cool, eh? And to celebrate, we've put Magellan on sale for a limited time, now 33% off! 

1 comment:

  1. First let me say that this is BY FAR the best modeling synth app for iPad, and I have tried a great many of them.

    One thing that I'd desperately love to be able to do is change presets via a MIDI message from an external controller. Unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be a way to do that, and it would sure help out with live performances. Just a thought for a future update.

    Keep up the great work!