Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy 5-Year Anniversary, miniSynth!

Five years ago, we released the very first synthesizer for the App Store: miniSynth! To celebrate, we're having a HUGE 24-hour sale - each of our apps is over 50% off! Plus miniSynth 2, our updated version of the original miniSynth, is FREE!

We'd like to thank all our supporters over the past 5 years: from those who have been around since Day 1 (like Palm Sounds) to our newer friends (like Sunsine Audio). And a big thanks to all our users, whether you downloaded miniSynth 5 years ago or just discovered Magellan yesterday. We couldn't do it without all your support!

What's next? We have a great new music creation project we're working on. We hope to have it out this fall, and really believe you're going to love it!

You know you want to watch our original miniSynth 1.0 video from all the way back in 2008...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's New? (or How We Spent Our Summer Vacation)

Hi Everyone!

We've been working hard all summer long to bring you Magellan 3.0. And it's here! Right now! With inter-app audio! And iOS 7 compatibility! Exciting!

Here's a quick list of some of the new features:

• Inter-App Audio: use Magellan 3.0 as an instrument plugin with Inter-App Audio compatible hosts 
• Completely updated & tested for iOS 7! 

New, more powerful MIDI framework we designed from ground up, with features including: 
• Faster MIDI I/O handling 
• Inter-App Audio MIDI support 
• Keyboard splitting with settable split in channel, left/right out note ranges, learn & invert 
• Improved MIDI-UI interaction 
• Import/Export Magellan MIDI CC Maps 
• Individual MIDI Out channels for the synth engines 
• Individual MIDI In on/off toggles for the synth engines 

Many improvements and new features, including: 
• Master FX mix 
• Increased max polyphony to 10 per-engine for iPad 2 or newer 
• Envelope curve selection for VCA and FM envelopes 
• Extended octave range for Osc 3 with key tracking off 
• Direct one-touch access to either synth engine's control panels, arp or chordmaker 
• Continuously settable filters tracking 
• 59 new modulation outlets for the XY-pad and the modwheels 
• Presets now save BPM data 
• BPM Lock feature: specifies if you want BPM data to be loaded with a preset 
• Bounce whole sequences or individual patterns to audio via Song Library -> Export 
• Adjustable touch-velocity sensitivity 
• Preset & Bank renaming 
• A new free preset bank ("Boleskine") 
• Target-foreground-synth mode for the XY-pad 
• One-touch waveform selection 
• Continuously adjustable knob response: set to "Fine" to make precise adjustments to a knob-controlled parameter 
• Many other UI improvements 

Introducing In-App Purchasing (iOS 6 or later): 
• New professional preset packs available for purchase within Magellan's Store 
• Atlantic - 65 new presets from Yonac Inc. 
• The Explorer Series from Sunsine Audio - available as individual 64 preset packs or one bundle of 192 presets 

• Updates to latest Audiobus & Sonoma SDKs 
• Many other improvements

Pretty cool, eh? And to celebrate, we've put Magellan on sale for a limited time, now 33% off! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Galileo Screenshots and Selected Specs

Galileo Organ features a virtual-analog design that generates and processes tonewheel (or transistor, depending on the setting) signals. We will follow with a more comprehensive list of specs, but here are some highlights:

• 32-bit DSP
• Three individually configurable manuals, each with own drawbars
• 11 organ types. The organ types include tonewheel engines with unique tonal characteristics, harmonic leakage, etc. as well as multiple transistor engines.
• Scanner Chorus & Vibrato emulation
• 48-voice total polyphony
• Percussion module w/ 2 attack algorithms
• Adjustable key click, tone wheel & drawbar leakage, brilliance, attack/release; togglable bass foldback
• Rotary cabinet simulation w/ 3 cabinet types, brake & speed toggles, adjustable fast & slow mode rates, drum-to-horn balance, rotor acceleration and stereo mic separation
• Virtual-Tube preamp w/ asymmetric-clipping "Class A" topology. Parameters include gain, blend, a classic lows-mids-highs tonestack with selectable mids focus for an "American" or "British" tube tone.
• 4 types of Wah-Wah with adjustable sweep range & emphasis
• Autowah module w/ 5 sweep curves, 3 follow modes, velocity tracking, settable rate, phase and bpm syncing
• Ring Modulator / Tremolo with fast & slow modes and adjustable depth
• Delay, Reverb & configurable FX signal path
• Arpeggiator with dedicated note buffer for each manual
• Comprehensive MIDI implementation with three IO channels, keyboard splitting, program changes, sustain & expression pedal support
• MIDI Learn w/ over 130 control destinations
• Over 240 factory presets, including a bank produced by Sunsine Audio
• Create & share unlimited banks and presets
• Built-in tapedeck with recording, audio sharing, copy/paste
• Touch velocity recognition
• Scale keyboard mode w/ over 50 musical scales and selectable key.
• Can be used in the Audiobus input or FX slot

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Galileo - Professional Organ Emulator for the iPad

Hey Gang!

We're excited to announce our new app, the Galileo Organ! Galileo is the first professional organ emulator available for iOS!

Below is a sound set of some short samples from Galileo. Stay tuned for more awesome goodies the next few days! Galileo will be available in the App Store on Monday, June 10th.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Magellan Jr - Professional Analog Modeling Synthesizer for iPhone

Magellan Jr is available now for the iPhone and iPod Touch! We thought we'd highlight some awesome features in Magellan Jr that will be coming in the next Magellan for iPad update:

 • Free new bank of 32 presets produced by Sunsine Audio!

 • New touchpad control framework with highly improved expression and expanded options: 
✔ Step-to-step finger glide with adjustable note snapping
 ✔ Display all occurrences of selected notes in octaving mode
 ✔ Integrated touchpad UI with keyboard hold
 ✔ Edit notes in musical scale
 ✔ Improved touchpad navigation, now enabled by simply using the scroll lock button

 • Completely updated MIDI Learn / CC Maps feature
 ✔ Four new modules you can control with MIDI: Arp, FX and Sequencer!
 ✔ Over 250 mappable / learnable MIDI destinations
 ✔ Knobs, switches, displays and other UI elements are now animated with MIDI input
 ✔ Manipulate Arp settings, or program and use the Sequencer -- all via MIDI

 • MIDI Bank and Program changes

 • Enumerated banks/presets tables for easier reference for program changes

 • Updated recording module:
 ✔ Fixed-length recording option for creating loops on-the-fly

 • New, more robust metronome with a wider range of time signatures

 This is not the complete list of new features in our BIG Magellan for iPad update - just new features that you can now see in Magellan Jr. Check out our demo video!


 A lot of users are asking about Audiobus. The short answer is: we are implementing it as quickly as we can to both Magellan and Magellan Jr! Check out our Facebook page for more info.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 Days of Yonac!!!

Have you been good this year? We think so! That's why we're pleased to present 12 Days of Yonac - a different Yonac app on sale each day, starting today. A few sales will last throughout the holidays, but most will only be for 24 hours. Be sure to visit daily to see what's on sale!

Don't forget, we will have an EXTRA special deal on 12/12/12. Here's a hint... it's a brand new app!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

4 Year Anniversary!

September marks our 4th birthday of being in the App Store! In particular, 4 years ago, we released miniSynth, the first synth on the iPhone, in the App Store. Can you believe how far we've come in 4 years???

We'd like to invite everyone to celebrate our anniversary with us... ALL our apps will be 99 cents for 24 hours only! For Friday, September 28th (EST)! Every single app will be only 99 cents! Here's a full list of all our apps.

If you follow us on Twitter or other things, you probably know that right now we are hard at work on Magellan for the iPhone. Things are moving along quite smoothly! Here's the first screenshot of Magellan for iPhone - this screenshot is from the iPhone 5, but Magellan will support both the old and new screen sizes:

Finally, a few people have been asking us if we will support Audiobus... the answer is yes! We don't have any access to any info or APIs... so whenever that is publicly available, we will support it :)