Thursday, September 27, 2012

4 Year Anniversary!

September marks our 4th birthday of being in the App Store! In particular, 4 years ago, we released miniSynth, the first synth on the iPhone, in the App Store. Can you believe how far we've come in 4 years???

We'd like to invite everyone to celebrate our anniversary with us... ALL our apps will be 99 cents for 24 hours only! For Friday, September 28th (EST)! Every single app will be only 99 cents! Here's a full list of all our apps.

If you follow us on Twitter or other things, you probably know that right now we are hard at work on Magellan for the iPhone. Things are moving along quite smoothly! Here's the first screenshot of Magellan for iPhone - this screenshot is from the iPhone 5, but Magellan will support both the old and new screen sizes:

Finally, a few people have been asking us if we will support Audiobus... the answer is yes! We don't have any access to any info or APIs... so whenever that is publicly available, we will support it :)

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